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Washover Unit

decorate your biscuits with washover or glaze

Code Useful width
Weight (aprox)
Installed Power
Packaging dimensions (aprox)
WA 500 500 60 0,18 500 x 1300 x H 600
WA 600 600 70 0,18 500 x 1400 x H 600
WA 700 700 80 0,18 500 x 1500 x H 600
WA 800 800 90 0,25 500 x 1600 x H 600
WA 900 900 110 0,37 500 x 1800 x H 600
WA 1000 1000 120 0,37 500 x 1800 x H 600
WA 1200 1200 140 0,37 500 x 2000 x H 600
Device to be installed on the rotary machine for biscuits washovering or glazing;

Inox washover roller is included. It can be easily replaced with a rotating brush;

Easy to install and to remove, to help cleaning and maintenance.

  • Thick aluminium frame, worked on machine tools to guarantee the maximum assembly precision.
  • Tank approx. 5 liters capacity in food plastic material, easily removable from the machine for cleaning an filling. On the bottom of the tank, a tap allows the opening/closing of the liquid flow and its regulation for the correct supply of the liquid to the containing tank below
  • Liquid collection tank in stainless steel, large capacity, with quick coupling to the machine structure, containing the solution to be deposited
  • The first roller (fishing roller), made of rectified stainless steel withdraws the solution from the tank and trasfers it to the second roller. A stainless steel scraper allows to regulate the withdrawed liquid quantity. It’s position is adjustable thanks to an hand weel. 
  • Second roller (intermediate roller) is in rectified stainless steel.
  • Third roller (distributor roller) is in rectified stainless steel. This roller may be easily removed through a hook on the control side, for the normal cleaning or for the substitution with a brush (OPTIONAL) when the surface of the biscuits to decorate is uneven.
  • Rollers height related to the conveyor belt is adjustable thanks to an hand wheel on the control side and it’s possible to differentiate the height of the sides
  • Rollers rotation through gear motor controlled by inverter

 Washover unit WA could be also easily installed on RW2, RW3, RWN and RW (industrial) machines  

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