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Multi-function RWS - RWSD

Forming and decoration in one single machine

Code Tray dimensions
Max hourly production rate [kg/h]
RWS 500 W 500 (max) x
L 600-800
3 kW 4100 x 1250 x H1600 950 300
RWS 600 W 600 (max) x
L 600-800
3 kW 4100 x 1350 x H1600 1100 360
RWSD 500 W 500 (max) x
L 600-800
4 kW 4900 x 1250 x H2050 1100 300
RWSD 600 W 600 (max) x
L 600-800
4 kW 4900 x 1350 x H2050 1250 600

RWS: model with washover + sugar/grain sprinkler
RWSD: model with washover + sugar/grain sprinkler+dosing head for jam/marmelade 

Different decoration devices available

Washover unit
Sugar sprinkler 
Nuts, sesame, seeds, almonds, etc. sprinkler
Marmelade / jam depositor

  • Multifuncition machine for the production of a great variety of biscuits, with many decoration option. The basic biscuit is formed in the rotary head.
  • Through the washover unit it will be possible to whashover/glaze the biscuit’s surface.
  • In the dosing station it will be possible to deposit marmelade/jam on the biscuit.
  • Afterwards the biscuit will be transferred on a conveyor belt in plastic material where, through the sugar sprinkler head and/or the grain sprinkler it will be possible to deposit on the biscuits sugar grains and/or other grains (sesame, poppy seeds, etc.).
  • The biscuit, decorated and stuffed, is deposited on the baking trays coming from the special charger at the top of the machine.
  • Every decoration accessory may be activated or kept off and each is equipped with a proper independent regulation to guarantee the maximum production flexibility: from the production of simple soft biscuit to more sofisticated product with washover, marmelade, sugar and grains,

(1) Basic frame
(2) Rotary head
(3) Washover unit
(4) Jam/marmelade dosing head
(5) Sugar/salt sprinkler
(6) Grain sprinkler head

The final product is directly delivered to the baking trays, ready for baking 

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