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Automatic Feeder SHR 500-600

Automatic Feeder for small moulding machines

The device allows to receive the dough from the mixer, to crumble it into small pieces and to transfer it in small quantities to the hopper of the rotary machine below.


Code Useful Width
Installed Power
Packaging dimensions (aprox.)
Gross Weight
Hopper Capacity
Highness from the ground
SHR 500 500 1,5 1500x1000xH2100 250 Aprox 100 2150
SHR 600 600 1,5 1600x1000xH2100 300 Aprox 120 2150
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 with fork structure for insertion on the rotary moulding machine, equipped with wheels for handling (two fixed wheels and two pivoting wheels).
  • Wide capacity stainless steel AISI 304 hopper, easily removable to facilitate cleaning.
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 carter and protections.
  • Pair of rollers in food grade plastic material to create a coarse layer of dough that will later be crumbled by the crumbling device below.
  • Pair of shafts in stainless steel at different speeds for optimum cutting of the sheet of dough.
  • High precision laser beam photocell, for reading the dough level in the hopper. The minimum and maximum levels of dough in the hopper can be adjusted. When the preset maximum level is reached, the device stops until the level drops below the minimum level, beyond which the device is reactivated to add new dough.
  • Electrical panel fixed to the rear of the device, complete with main switch, voltage socket, start / stop button, red emergency mushroom push button and all the necessary for proper operation
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