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3 colors Extruders

A wide range of biscuits

Extrusion system through lobe pumps with separate compartments: this innovative extrusion system allows to create different shapes biscuits and to use at the same time 1, 2 or 3 kind of different colors dough;

Each extrusion head is made by an hopper to receive the dough, formerly prepared, a pair of rollers with groove made for the pre-loading and a lobe pump with separate compartments;

Heads push the dough into a forming mould that, through dedicated ducts and channels, makes you obtain the desired extrusion;

The extruded product may be closed on the sides through iris cutter mould, cut with a wire cutter or a guillotine , etc;

The machine is usually installed above the oven, but it can be equipped with a motorized conveyor belt to position it in front of the oven;

Until 600 mm length, a version of the machine with a conveyor for baking trays is avaliable.

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