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Small oven ? No problem !

Code Working Width [mm] Installed Power *
Packaging dimensions (aprox)
Gross Weight
Max hourly production **
RWN 500 500 1 1500x850xH1350 480 300
RWN 600 600 1,1 1500x950xH1350 530 360
RWN 700 700 1,5 1500x1050xH1350 600 420
For tight ovens (500 - 600 - 700 mm)

Thick auminium main frame, worked on machine tools to guarantee the maximum assembly precision

Side-tilting hopper to facilitate the change of mould: the hopper is blocked through quick hooks fixed to the head. At the opening of the hopper, the moulding roller unblocks too.

Feeder roller, with a bigger diametre to allow a better feeding of the mould 

Pressure roller, with white foodgrade rubber coating

Stainless steel knife hardened and ground, position adjustable by knob located on the control side. The movement of the knife follows the surface of the mould remaining tangent to it throughout the whole regulation range. A graduated scale indicator located on the shoulder of the control side allows you to view the position of the knife

Endless cotton conveyor belt, with special weft and waxed edges

Stainless steel scraper to clean the conveyor belt. Under the scraper, a motorized belt to collect the dough scraps is located.

Main motorization consisting of gear motor with inverter. The speed regulation is carried out by the control panel on the machine side

Delivery nose to the oven tunnel (to define according to the entrance dimensions of the oven tunnel), adjustable in height, equipped with tensioning group and belt centering group

Control panel on the machine side with: working frequency display, start / stop button, emergency button, potentiometer for speed variation

OPTIONAL: small motorized roller to be installed on the delivery nose, provided with its own motor and independent adjustment of the speed, to ease the detachment of the biscuits from the cotton belt

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Rotary Moulding Machine - Small