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Rotary Cutting Machine

Print & Cut your biscuits

Code Working width [mm] Power*
aprox [kW]
Packaging dimensions (aprox)
Gross weight (aprox)
Diam. cylinders [mm]
RCM 2-600 600 3 kW 2100 x 2400 x H 2200 600 120 / 180
RCM 2-800 800 3 KW 2200 x 2400 x H 2200 700 120 / 180
RCM 2-1000 1000 3 KW 2500 x 2400 x H 2200 850 120 / 180
RCM 2-1200 1200 4 kW 2700 x 2400 x H 2200 1000 120 / 180
* Power determinable as a function of the oven lenght and of the cooking time

The machine allows to print the design and cut biscuits from dough sheets from other units;

It may be realized as “single roller” (a roller for printing and cutting biscuits) or as “double roller”: this solution is the mostly adopted, since it allows a better flexibility on the dough sheet thickness and a clearer printing.

The synchronization between the two rollers is guaranteed by a high precision mechanic system, that permits a better positioning of the biscuit graphic;

If you want to produce biscuits with an inner hole (ex. “pretzel”), the machine can be realized with a system that allows to recover the central dough.

After cut, a conveyor belts system enables you to separate biscuits and scrap, and to bring the scrap to the forming hopper;

Biscuits, separated from the scrap, can be finally delivered to the oven through a delivery bridge

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