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Rotary Moulding Machine RW2 - RW3

Perfect for small / medium productions


Code Trays dimensions
Power installed
Packaging dimensions (aprox) [mm] Gross Weight
Trays per minute MAX
production [kg/h]
RW 2 W 500 (max) x
L 600-800
1,5 2750x1250xH1650 650 Min 3 – Max 12 300
RW 3 W 600 (max) x
L 600-800
2 2750x1350xH1650 730 Min 3 – Max 12 450

Easy-to-use machine

Aimed for small and medium industries or for research & development laboratories

Almost NO need for maintenance

Very fast mould change and easy cleaning

Very solid and robust construction system

Speed variation by inverter





   Easy mould change

Hopper that can be tilted on a side. The locking/unlocking of the hopper happens through quick hooks and do NOT require any tool


   New knife regulation system 

The movement of the knife follows the mould surface staying tangent to it for the whole adjustment range. An indicator on a graduated scale on the shoulder of the control side allows you to check the position of the knife


  Full integrated control panel

Variation of speed through potentiometer placed on the control panel (variation of speed through inverter). On the control panel is installed also a digital display to see in any time the working speed


  Soft & delicate deposit on tray

The small motorized roller on the delivery nose (to ease the transfer from the belt to the trays) has its own independent motorization and its speed is always adjustable from the control panel. This allows to differentiate the speed of the roller with the respect to the speed of the belt/trays, to optimize the transfer of biscuits

  Perfect forming

The movement of the trays can be stopped/started independently from the forming head, through an electromechanical connection operable from the control panel. During the starting or new recipes testing phase it’s therefore possible to work on the machine with just one operator: all regulations for the perfect forming of biscuits can be settled and,  when ready for production, it’s possible to activate the deposit on trays.  Also during the machine’s cleaning phase, the stop of the trays with respect to the head allows to speed up and simplify the machine’s disinfection


  Increased production capacity

Max. production speed up to 12 trays per minute, with an hour productivity that can reach up to 400 kg/h (according to the format to be produced)

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