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Rotary Moulding Machine RW2 - RW3

Perfect for small / medium productions

RW2 - RW3 rotary biscuit machine: perfection for your biscuit production

The RW2 rotary biscuit machine is the ideal solution for those who want high-quality, efficient and versatile biscuit production. Thanks to its robust structure and its innovative features, the RW2 guarantees impeccable results and meets the needs of every pastry shop, artisan laboratory or food industry

The RW2 - RW3 rotary biscuit machine is the ideal choice for those looking for a reliable, efficient and versatile solution for the production of high quality biscuits.


• High productivity: the RW2 - RW3 allows you to produce large quantities of biscuits in a short time, optimizing working times and increasing profitability.
Impeccable quality: the sturdy structure, high-quality components and cutting-edge technology guarantee perfectly defined biscuits, with a uniform consistency and an inviting appearance.
Flexibility: the RW2 - RW3 can be used with a wide range of moulds, to create biscuits of different shapes, sizes and flavours, satisfying every creative need.
Ease of use: the intuitive control panel and precise adjustment functions make the RW2 - RW3 an easy machine to use even for less experienced operators.
Safety: the RW2 - RW3 complies with CE safety regulations, ensuring a safe and protected working environment.


Technical features:

Heavy gauge aluminum frame: machined on machine tools to ensure maximum assembly precision and impeccable stability during operation.
Closing and protection carter in AISI 304 stainless steel: for superior resistance to corrosion, wear and high temperatures, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and safety.
Four swivel wheels with parking brake: to facilitate moving the machine in complete safety, even on uneven floors.
Hopper tilting on one side: for easy mold change, thanks to the quick couplings and automatic blocking of the mold roller.
Large diameter feed roller: for better mold feeding and more uniform production.
Steel pressure roller with food-grade rubber coating: for delicate and precise pressing of the dough, ensuring perfect definition of the biscuits.
Knife in hardened and ground stainless steel: with adjustable position via knob, for a clean and precise cut of the dough. The movement of the knife follows the surface of the mold, ensuring a flawless finish of the biscuits.
Closed loop cotton belt with special texture and waxed edges: for a resistant work surface, which ensures perfect separation of the biscuits.
Stainless steel scraper for belt cleaning: with drawer underneath for collecting dough scraps, for quick and easy cleaning.
Main motorization with gearmotor and inverter: for precise speed regulation and optimal performance in every production phase.
One bronze mold roller with inserts in non-stick food-grade plastic material: engraved with 1 shape chosen by the customer, to create custom-shaped biscuits.
Automatic tray loader: with a maximum capacity of approximately 12 trays, for efficient and continuous loading.
Control panel on the machine: with working frequency display, start/stop button, emergency button and potentiometer for speed variation, for intuitive and precise control of the machine.

Code Trays dimensions
Power installed
Packaging dimensions (aprox) [mm] Gross Weight
Trays per minute MAX
production [kg/h]
RW 2 W 500 (max) x
L 600-800
1,5 2750x1250xH1650 650 Min 3 – Max 12 500
RW 3 W 600 (max) x
L 600-800
2 2750x1350xH1650 730 Min 3 – Max 12 600

* the production (kg/h) can vary considerably depending on the size and the thickness of the biscuits to be made

Some available optional:

Motorized roller on the delivery pen: with independent motorization and speed adjustment, to facilitate the detachment of the biscuits from the cotton belt.

Motorized belt under the scraper: for the automatic evacuation of dough scraps, for an always clean and tidy workstation

• WASH system for the grooved roller: for more info click on the below button NEW OPTIONAL 
                                           WASH System --> More info








Why choose the RW2 - RW3 rotary machine ?

 High productivity: up to 400 kg/h with 12 trays per minute

 Ease of use: intuitive control with digital panel and mechanical adjustments all on the working side

 Simple cleaning and sanitization: stainless steel surface, tilting hopper and scraper for cleaning the belt

 Versatility: engraved mold roller with one or more shape of your choice

 Precise control: Roller, belt and delivery small roller speeds independently adjustable

 Minimum maintenance: gearboxes lubricated for life and bearings with dustproof shields.

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