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Horizontal Z Mixer

The perfect way of mixing

Code Bowl
Dough capacity
Low / High speed
ZW 200 200 100 soft biscuits / extruded
85 laminated
30-60 9,5 1400 x 1300 x H1600 1800
ZW 400 400 200 soft biscuits / extruded
170 laminated
30-60 18,5 1700 x 1400 x H1950 2500
ZW 600 600 300 soft biscuits / extruded
250 laminated
30-60 30,0 2150 x 1300 x H2100 4500
ZW 800 800 400 soft biscuits / extruded
340 laminati
30-60 37,0 2500 x 1450 x H2350 6200

Very sturdy, practical and noiseless machine, with low operating costs and very low maintenance activities.

Suitable for many kind of biscuits dough (soft biscuits, laminated biscuits, extruded biscuits, etc.)

  • Main frame in sheet and alloy profiles, tied, welded and close with easy to remove inox panels, to easily accede to maintenance and cleaning
  • Mixing bowl 100% STAINLESS STEEL, characterized by high thickness.
  • Mixing arm 100% STAINLESS STEEL, characterized by high thickness. Mixing arm does not present the central shaft, to allow a better and more homogenous ingredients mixing.
  • Bowl overturning: up to 121°
  • Bowl movement for the product download realized through hydraulic piston controlled by specific power unit
  • Bowl stoppable in any overturning position
  • Mixing arm driven by chain from gear motor branded SEW EURODRIVE and supported by rollers adjustable bearings (FAG / SKF)
  • Adjustable seals stuffing box type made of alimentary Teflon on the mixing shaft
  • Main motor controller by an INVERTER group that enables a gradual and homogeneous change of the rotation speed
  • The upper side of the bowl is closed by a fixed cover against powders and equipped with a flance connection for the loading of powdered ingredients, 2 connections for liquid ingredients, inspection door.
  • Control panel place on the side of the machine, equipped with buttons and pilot lights showing the working cycle, low and high speed timers to check the mixing time with automatic change from the low to the high speed (or vice versa, to define in the order phase)

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