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Soft center biscuits

For the production of filled biscuits, with external dough and soft center (marmelade/jam, chocolate, cream etc.);

The extrusion system consists of an hopper that receives the dough, previously prepared, and of a pair of rollers with grooves to extrude the dough through the following forming mould;

Between rollers and forming mould a filler block is located,  in order to evenly distribute the dough to all the forming mould exits. This guarantee uniformity of biscuits weights;

The filling is injected into the forming mould through a gear pump secured to the machine;

At the exit of the forming mould, biscuits can be closed at their sides through a iris shutter device

Biscuits can be cut at the desired length through a guillotine;

Many accessories for decoration are available, such decorating rollers to make a texture on the biscuits surface, roller to flatten biscuits, etc.;

It’s also possible to install the wire cut device to realize wire cut products with the same machine;

A touch screen panel allows you to easily set all the parameters of the machine, save and recall settings, visualize work parameters;

The machine is usually installed above the oven, but it can be equipped with a motorized conveyor belt to position it in front of the oven;

Until 600 mm length, a version of the machine with a conveyor for baking trays is avaliable.

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